About us

The French Crêpe – Flipping Awesome Crêpes All Day, Everyday.


Crêpes are one of the main passion for the people living in France and one of the most representative and historical dishes of France.
Our goal is to share with you the products and flavours that we have enjoyed so much during our lifetime. We make sure we cater for everyone, we have a range of gluten-free, vegetarian products and all our meats are halal.

We love to provide the best of us in our products and please your palates with every bite, from sweet and fruity flavors to savoury flavors. We offer a big range of  ingredients that will make your Crêpe or Waffle the best moment of your day.

French Crêpe has a cozy and relaxing atmosphere where you will feel always welcome, 
It's the perfect place to disconnect and enjoy after a long day.

At the French Crêpe we have taken care of every detail of our decoration (inspired by the Eiffel Tower) to give a colourful touch of France on Cowley Rd. We are a small place but we love to provide a closer approach to our customers.

🥞 Freshly-made crêpes & waffles (sweet & savoury!)

☕ Fairtrade, organic coffee

🌱 Gluten-free, vegan galettes with organic buckwheat flour

🥤 Luxury thick shakes, juices & smoothies


Our crêpes are fast & fresh, prepared in front of you and made with sweet or savoury natural ingredients. Nom Nom Nom! Go on treat yourself!
 The French Crêpe.